Grace Notes: events, opportunities, announcements for 10-7-18

What’s Been Happening at Grace
Since Florence, these are some of the things that happened through and by Grace UMC.

  • Grace gathered in more than 122 volunteers who
    gave over 2,200 hours to serve through our doors.
    Many of these volunteers had never been to Grace
    before the storm.
  •  Groceries and supplies were taken to 21 neighborhoods
    where people didn’t have transportation,
    were still living in stagnant water, and were not able
    to get to a store; where shelves were often empty.
  • Over 4,000 home-bound seniors, parents and children
    were taken hot meals and simple supplies.
  • There are still people living in 12 neighborhoods
    with no means of transportation. Children who are
    without the school lunches they rely on for a good
    meal are being fed, and mothers and fathers who
    are out of work and don’t have money for diapers
    and cleaning supplies are being helped.
  • Going forward, Grace will house UMVIM disaster
    teams followed by mission teams helping to rebuild
    our community

UMCOR calls the path forward a marathon. We have been set in a special place to help each other through. Although we are told it will take years to rebuild, we have already begun to build a stronger community of faith through the acts of service in the aftermath of Florence.

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